Salford Business Expo

November 1st, 2012 by Cat Jones

A couple of weeks back we had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Salford Business Expo at Salford City Stadium. This was a great opportunity for us to network with other companies in the area and put Pobl and App Development in Salford on the map.

The day could have got off to a better start with a lot of exhibitors not having tables or chairs as they had requested and not knowing where their stands were. The steady flow of attendees and friendly exhibitors made up for this as the day went on.

We used the opportunity to gain some feedback on products we are currently developing and they all went down better than could have been expected. We’re looking forward to working with some of the exhibitors going forward, so watch this space.

Exhibition Marketing

We wanted to give visitors something a bit different to take away from the exhibition and something that stood out on the stand. We decided that paper toys would be the way to go, we designed two ‘Pobl’ characters and turned them into clever little paper people, you can download the Pobl toy here and the Apprise toy here.

We constructed some to keep us company on the stand and printed plenty so we could hand them out on the day, ready for people to make them up themselves. We made sure our website and contact details were on them so if in a few months time someone who didn't visit the expo sees them on a colleague's desk they will know what we’re all about straight away and we will have reached a wider audience. Active leads were few and far between but it was a great experience and definitely helped to raise the profile of the business.

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