pobl (welsh) plural noun Human beings in general or considered collectively.

With a Welsh MD, it seemed fitting to christen the agency with a Welsh name. Pobl is Welsh for 'people,' we didn't make it up, honest!

Pobl Creative is a Digital Agency based in Salford. We specialise in developing apps across all platforms and bespoke innovative software that makes a big commercial impact.

We pride ourselves on communication and feel it's our duty to educate our clients along the way. We want you to fully understand the value of your digital landscape and how the little things can really make a big difference.

We're a small company with a big heart, we find many clients have been to other agencies before they come to us. We succeed where others have failed as we treat clients as individuals and are never afraid to ask if they're happy!

Cat Jones - MD
Cat MD & Co-Founder @illustrationcat
Shaun Rowe - CTO
Shaun CTO & Co-Founder @shakie

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development process

Process is an important thing to us at Pobl Creative, it's important that everyone's expectations are managed throughout the life of the project, that way it's an enjoyable experience for all.

We don't press start until you're ready, we've seen it happen before; People spend money on websites that they never get round to finishing, images, copy, payment, all these things can drag a project out. So we help you get everything together and then the fun begins…

the enquiry stage

Based on the answers provided in the enquiry form and initial discussions, we can form a basic idea of what is needed, provide you with initial cost indications and a statement of work detailing both parties responsibilities.

the planning phase

This stage involves us working together to fully research the project and establish the agreed direction of the application.

  • Competitor analysis
  • User scenarios
  • Style & colour planning
  • Data & functionality needs
generate ideas

Using our findings in the planning phase we will produce wireframes and design ideas to be approved by the client before the design & development stage begins. At this point we will also request the content needed to progress.

the development phase

This is where the fun begins, we will work to complete the app. At various stages during this phase we will demo the application, so any problems can be quickly rectified and we keep you apprised of the progress.

the testing stage

During this phase we will rigorously test the application for any possible issues. We will also present the beta version of the app for review and then make all the amendments needed and complete all bug fixes.

time to publish

Once both parties are happy that the app is complete, we will submit the app for review and release on the relevant application deployment platform.

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